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  1. Does anyone have a good (part-time) admin assistant employment contract I may use as a template? I have the 2004 CHFT/CoAction manager’s contract that I can revise, but a more concise document without so many attachments would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. We have a tenant who has been living in the co-op before it became a co-op and did not become a Member. The tenant is in arrears and I am not sure if they are called to the Board or does the Board decide the eviction without a Notice to Appear. I checked the Occupancy By-law but did not see anything other than for long term guests.

    Has anyone had experience evicting a tenant?


  3. We need lines repainted in our parking lot. Does anyone know of company that does this work?



  4. I am in the process of getting quotes for snowplowing. Please let me know of a company that use and recommend.

    Many thanks


    1. Hello Patrick,
      I had finalized negotiating with a snow plowing company and then I suddenly stopped hearing from them, no return of phone calls, emails – just vanished. I called close to 30 companies, many recommended by other co-op managers. Many co-op do not hire contract but utilize own staff and after hours most co-op just do not remove snow. I learned a lot. Hugh Garber has a snow squad of members after hours, so I will explore with their staff how that works while I am doing a Building Tour next Wednesday because as you might not know Hugh Garner is a waste champion. I had a removal company come out Friday evening to inspect my co-op, let us see if they quote, they were recommended by a friend who manages City Park Co-op. They said that the market changed a lot within the last 12 months due to a huge wave of insurance claims. The prices since then have skyrocketed and every contractor is scrambling for a 5 mio liability insurance. Have you found a company meanwhile. See you on Nov 30.


  5. We have closed our wait lists for all size units. As we are processing the last wave of applications (as you know this can stretch for some time), we come across applicants who do not have sufficient income to comply with our guidelines. Normally we would have declined the applications and asked them, to re-apply when their income increases, as our wait lists are closed this is not possible for the next little while. Has any co-op been in that situation and how have you dealt with these cases?


    1. First thing would be to check with current legislation to make sure income requirements are up to date, as there’s been some big legislative changes in that area lately. CHF may be able to help if you’re not sure. Second thing, if the policy is to decline applications and ask them to re-apply when their income increases, it is possible the applicants in this category could be considered with an application date that reflects the fact their first application came was received when lists were opened. CHF might help with that also.


  6. Does anyone know if the co-op can take action if someone who is a long term guest living in the unit does not leave after being informed that their request was not approved by the Board?


  7. Our co-op currently has an on-call committee with members taking turns to provide after hours services utilizing a pager system that Bell has declared is going out of service this June.
    I would like to hear from other co-ops who do not have live-in staff on how they handle after hour services e.g. by using a contractor or alternatives to pagers. Thank you in advance.


    1. Our On Call members have a phone with a number posted in our newsletter. Some sell providers have plans for as little as $15 a month.


  8. A co-op would like to know if anyone has experience and recommendations about collection agencies.. For privacy reasons, the co-op would like to remain anonymous. If you can help, please reply to this post.


  9. I have two cartridges for machines I no longer own. They are available to anyone interested.

    HP Laser Jet Print Cartridge 92274A
    Panasonic Replacement Fax Film KX-FA133


  10. Longview Co-op writes:

    Has anyone recently installed or upgraded Security Cameras? Can you share your Video Surveillance Policy? Have your insurance costs gone down as a result of installing or upgrading Security Cameras?


  11. I recently noted the “Quality Co-op Employer Charter” in a CHF Canada newsletter. This is the first time I see it but as I heard from a fellow co-op manager it has been around for a while. If you have made an attempt to introduce this documents and get it signed by your Board, would you share your experience and how it helped your co-op? Do you let the board sign it on an annual basis since there is turnover on our Boards every single year? Your experience is appreciated.


  12. Our service Manager has suggested that we adopt an In-situ policy. Does anyone have this policy that can be shared?


  13. I am looking for roofing consultants . 43rd has a flat roofs in very poor shape.



    1. Hello Patrick,
      below is the roofing consultant I told you about, I attended his workshop at the Springfest, he has been in that sector for 40 years and is a specialist in flat roofs.

      Larry Hunter
      Director – National Sales
      Tel: 647-231-2467

      This is another one that does not only roofs, I also used them for a BCA at Newmarket Coop. They did a very good roof inspection report, solid thirty page report with samples taken from pour roof, very detailed and with estimates for a new roof and consulting services. I can recommend them.

      Nytasha Galick, B. Comm
      Business Development – South Central Ontario
      IRC Building Sciences Group
      2121 Argentia Road, Suite #401
      Mississauga, ON, L5N 2X4
      Cell: 416.575.4510
      Tel: 905.607.7244, Ext. 1246
      Fax: 905.607.7288


  14. I’m looking for sample key/access policies. Please email me any good examples you have.


  15. We are a HSA co-op. Our service manager is now requiring us to develop a succession plan but cannot provide a template. We are wondering if there is any co-op that has completed and approved a succesion plan and would be willing to assist with a template so we do not invent the wheel again.


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