CoAction Updates Membership Categories and Dues

Becoming a member of CoAction is now simpler. Everyone fits into one of two membership categories – Voting or Non-Voting.

Voting members are:

– employed directly by a housing co-op or non-profit.

– employed by a company that provides management services to a co-op or non-profit.

– working contract jobs in co-op or non-profit housing.

– retired or unemployed from their housing worker positions.

The Non-Voting category is for anyone who doesn’t work on-site in co-op or non-profit housing, but who supports CoAction’s activities and would like to enjoy the benefits of membership.

CoAction membership provides:

– frequent electronic newsletters

– deep discounts on specially designed workshops

– peer support and networking opportunities

– formal representation in sector organizations

– collaboration with other staff associations in Ontario

Voting members may request limited legal consultations on employment issues (after 6 months of membership).

Join us!  You can apply for membership here.

Dues Tier Annual Dues

on-site housing workers
who work 32 or more
hours per week


Reduced rate for 2021:


on-site housing workers
who work less than 32
hours per week


Reduced rate for 2021:


housing workers who are temporarily employed,
unemployed or retired


Reduced rate for 2021:


Non-Voting others who wish to
support CoAction

this category does not provide voting rights or access to legal consultations


Reduced Rate for 2021: