Who we are

CoAction is a non-profit co-operative that provides representation and support to co-op and non-profit housing staff. Our aim is to strengthen co-operative housing.

  • We represent our members at the local and national levels of the co-operative housing sector in Canada.
  • We support our members with education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.
  • Based in the GTA, we welcome members from across Ontario.
  • Our members are the administrative and maintenance staff who work either directly for non-profit housing providers or the management companies and other organizations that provide services to non-profit housing providers.

CoAction Defined

coaction in English:

ˌkōˈakSH(ə)n/   noun

The action or process of working or acting together; cooperation.

Serving our members for nearly 40 years

Formed in 1979 as a way for housing co-op staff to meet one other and talk about their work, CoAction formally incorporated as a democratically-run non-profit co-operative in 1988.

Today, members meetings are held once a year where a seven-person board is elected. The board meets monthly with our Executive Director.

We provide a community structure in which staff find support by getting to know each other and increase their knowledge and skills at our socials and educational events.

CoAction is a founding member of The Staff Network.