CoAction Survey

CoAction is evolving. To guide us in the right direction, our board is asking for your thoughts on what we do and how we do it. How can we best meet your needs?

We are sending this survey to members and friends of CoAction. We value your opinion and appreciate your time. Thank you for your feedback.

CoAction Updates Membership Categories and Dues

Becoming a member of CoAction is now simpler. Everyone fits into one of two membership categories – Voting or Non-Voting.

Voting members are:

– employed directly by a housing co-op or non-profit.

– employed by a company that provides management services to a co-op or non-profit.

– working contract jobs in co-op or non-profit housing.

– retired or unemployed from their housing worker positions.

The Non-Voting category is for anyone who doesn’t work on-site in co-op or non-profit housing, but who supports CoAction’s activities and would like to enjoy the benefits of membership.

CoAction membership provides:

– frequent electronic newsletters

– deep discounts on specially designed workshops

– peer support and networking opportunities

– formal representation in sector organizations

– collaboration with other staff associations in Ontario

Voting members may request limited legal consultations on employment issues (after 6 months of membership).

Join us!  You can apply for membership here.

Dues Tier Annual Dues

on-site housing workers
who work 32 or more
hours per week


Reduced rate for 2021:


on-site housing workers
who work less than 32
hours per week


Reduced rate for 2021:


housing workers who are temporarily employed,
unemployed or retired


Reduced rate for 2021:


Non-Voting others who wish to
support CoAction

this category does not provide voting rights or access to legal consultations


Reduced Rate for 2021:


Help requested. Help given

If you have a request for assistance of any kind fill out a reply below.  Other people who read the site can respond directly to you by replying.  People who have documents that would be useful can upload those documents as part of their reply. We will include any of these to the web site. If there is any response, we’ll let you know right away.

Replies are in reverse order, so any replies to your request will come at the top of the page.

Send us documents that you think are useful even if there hasn’t been a request for them.  We’ll add them to our library for other staff people to find.

Meeting the Core Management Standards

Core Management Standards

Meeting the Core Management Standards of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada:

You can review the core management standards here
You can download a management checklist here
(These links require that you be registered with the CHF Canada website)